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Marshall AVT50 Generating Strong Positive Reviews

January 24, 2011 -- A well received generation of Marshall amplifiers has maintained its positive buzz, for its packaging of most of the features useful to professional musicians into models that are affordable for the average player. Units such as the Marshall AVT50 for guitar continue to be well regarded by the musician community, and have given rise to good online reviews pertaining to its thoughtful design, lower cost, power and portability. Users commonly cite the audio quality of the Marshall AVT50 as one of the reasons for praising the model, with typical comments by consumers such as: "The AVT 50 is the better sounding amp, by far."

Although the company discontinued the AVT50 series a few years ago, demand continues for this unit. One indicator of the reputation established by the amplifier is its strong popularity on resale on sites such as eBay. The Marshall brand name is a strong driver of the sales, but the affordability and versatility of the specific unit makes the Marshall AVT50 carry its own high perceived value. Many recommend an AVT50 because it has a preamp valve and valve tone to it, while others are fond of the CD-In function as its permits one to insert a CD into the amp, which creates an ability to sing karaoke with a guitar.

"They combined three aspects of amplifiers to create this little powerhouse, including digital technology, solid state, and valve," according to a concise yet detailed look at the Marshall AVT50 given by www.guitar-and-amplifier-reviews.com/marshall-avt50.html. "It’s not the first amp out there that uses combinations of different technologies, but it is the one that took the concept to its zenith." The site also offers readers a chance to add their own comments to the mix regarding this particular amplifier series.

Marshall is a world renowned brand in electric guitar amplifiers, whose range of units extend from the Marshall AVT 50 to the more recent signature amplifiers it is created to mimic the sound produced by famous performing bands and guitarists. The British company is known for its use of the valve preamp and power amplifier stages as opposed to solid state components, although affordable models may incorporate the latter. Musicians expect the AVT 50 to remain a popular choice among guitarists who are trying to rehearse their numbers, create demonstration tracks, or perform small gigs on the budget.

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