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Book Template Review

I do not recommend many products yet as an author I am always looking for ways to speed up my projects and make my work easier. Like the ergonomic chair I paid a fortune for or my latest and greatest laptop that I swear by. I write mostly in MSWord and when I first started writing I would spend hours formatting and reformatting margins, fonts, headings, footers, styles, page numbers and on and on. Then I discovered something that now saves me a ton of time and I like almost as much as my comfy ergonomic chair.

There is a new book template available from BookLoops that is already formatted with everything from a cover and copyright page to a table of contents and index that are easily updated as you write. The template comes in a variety of sizes for eBooks and printed books. They even include tips and links for more information.  Every heading imaginable is already there and you can just delete the ones you do not need. The headers and footers are already set to an appropriate size and you can insert graphics or your title in the header and the page numbers are already in the footer.  

I like to spend as much of my time writing as possible. With all the features in this book template I no longer have to spend time setting up my new project and I do not have to worry about reformatting later. In addition many inserts are already in the book ready for any modifications such as a book disclaimer. Nowadays about every book needs one, but again, you can delete any section you want to omit.  There is also an acknowledgement section, dedication page, glossary heading and bibliography, all with examples.  

Considering I have spent several hours setting up one book the price for these templates is extremely reasonable. You can use them again and again. Just remember to make back-up copies in case you erase one like I did. BookLoops was kind enough to send me a new download link after I inadvertently deleted one of my templates.

Your books are a representation of you and your ability. They are often the first and sometimes only impression a reader will have of you and or your company. A book template helps you produce professional creations that will present your readers with an easily navigated book with all the heading where they expect to see them. You get to concentrate on the writing and promoting of your book in place of sweating all the little formatting details. With a book template, layout is a breeze. See BookLoops

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