vineri, ianuarie 21, 2011

Do you send Birthday ecards ?

Do you like ecards? I love them!
In my childhood I used to send cards, all my friends and family were enchanted about my hobby. Now, in the digital era I love to send ecards on holidays and not just on special ocasion. Even when I remember someone dear to me and I can not call him/her I send an ecard and the feedback it`s always positive.
Recently I have found a really nice website, Ojolie eCards - I like it a lot!

On this website you can find ecards from diferent categories for different ocassions like birthday ecards, New Year ecards, Valentine ecards and much more, you must see it for yourself.
Yesterdau was the birthday of a good old friend of mine and I have enter on Ojolie eCards website, I personalized an ecard and I sended to him. Below is the ecard I send:

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