joi, ianuarie 20, 2011

Photocopier Procurement in the UK

Looking for photocopier machines online used to be a minefield. It appeared that every time we contacted an online supplier they were more interested in pushing branded equipment than listening to our needs. Nobody was actually trying to help us find the overall solution. It was a pleasure therefore to discover Online Connect UK. Not only did they listen carefully to our requirements, but they were able to offer a cost effective solution for our business. In our case this was a refurbished copier.

The knowledgable and friendly staff suggested several solutions for us to choose and we are now renting the perfect photocopier for our business. At no time did I feel pressurised into signing contracts, the salesperson was professional and helpful. It is reassuring to know that if our requirements change we can just upgrade the machine at any time. Currently we are a small business but online Connect treated us with importance and I have already recommended them to my clients and friends!

Online Connect specialise in the linking of digital multi Functional devices to computer systems and networks providing a complete document management system. They provide office photocopiers, used photocopiers & printers and are a UK supplier. The website is easy to use with a simple interface and menu system. ompare and buy or read reviews of document management systems and copiers at Online Connect Photocopiers UK.

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