sâmbătă, noiembrie 12, 2011

Building a strong support for a push higher!

The movie industry lends their support to Obama campaining it's time
when Obama pays it back! Big names like J. Lynch and Z. Quinto, George
Takei and Sykes!

All this stars are all faces for and represented by this: GT_R_L

Ever heard of Cineplex, Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund or Imax? It is
true, they are big, they are priced at over $100, but they skipped on
playing with Obama when it mattered! GT_R_L gained from this moment,
they were very noticeable at supporting the President in LA and now it
is for them to be supported back - their share price will explode!!!

Company: Get Real USA
Symbol traded: GT_R_L
Market Price: $.02
Short Term Target: .12

Experts say GT_R_L to reach $0.12 next week. Giving you an
executive summary GT_R_L is doing well by making big-names movies.
GT_R_L is in a $31 billion business with Obama's influence they can
capture a more than before. Those who supported during the elections
get it back sweetly, GT_R_L will bypass all big companies in a matter
of this month. JUST RELEASED Nov 9, 2012: GT_R_L Announces Development
of Financing Fund, Investors know what's up, right away.

It's the time to purchase as much as you can starting Monday, November
12th. Get at least $1000 worth Nov 12.

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